We help legal professionals deliver justice for all. We're passionate about the potential of tech when it's combined with the expertise of bar associations, legal aid, and other communities of lawyers.

For Lawyers

Law Guides

Low cost, flat fee web apps for lawyers — including chatbots, document assemblers, and legal checkups.

Docassemble Toolkit

Web development resources for users of Docassemble, an open-source expert system.

For Legal Organizations

Lawyer Referral Platform

A free platform to operate a lawyer referral service or a "find a lawyer" directory.


A platform to send and receive referrals from any case management system.

Proudly working with organizations like:

About Us

We're a team of lawyers, designers, and developers based out of Brooklyn, NY. We build software and provide consulting services for organizations working at the frontlines of the fight to bridge the access to justice gap.

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Designed for Social Impact

Launched out of the Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood social impact incubator, Community.lawyer is dedicated to helping bridge the justice gap. We build low-cost and no-cost technology to support bar associations, legal service providers, and the communities they serve.

This mission-first approach to legal technology is part of our DNA as a company. That's why we incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation — a new kind of legal structure that requires us to balance what's good for our bottom line with what's good for the community.