Send and Receive Referrals from any Case Management System

You shouldn’t be blocked from referring someone to another organization because your case management systems are incompatible.

Referworks is a platform for sending and receiving referrals between organizations that have different communication mediums and different data schemas.

Use Referworks to get someone to where they need to go, regardless of where they started their search.

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How to Get Started

Specify how you send and receive referrals

What communication medium do you use to send/receive referrals? Do you use email? Do you have a case management platform with an API?

Use Referworks to specify how you send/receive referrals and it will convert referral data from one communication medium to another.

For example, you can send a referral as an email and it can be received by your referral partner as XML or through their case management API.

Map your data schema

Does your intake system label someone’s issue differently than your referral partner? For example, do you label the issue “Elder Care” while your referral partner labels it “Guardianship”?

Use Referworks to map your data schema onto a common standard that automatically translates referral data you send and receive.

Authorize referral partners

Do you want to control who is authorized to send referrals to your organization? Referworks allows each organization to manage who they send referrals to and receive referrals from. Only if authorization has been obtained by both the referring and referred organization will the interchange permit data transfers.

Send and receive referrals

Once your organization has completed the three steps above, you are ready to start sending and receiving referrals. You can always log back in to update your preferences and authorizations.


We envision a world where a person seeking social services can walk into one organization's door, go through an intake process, and if they don't qualify for services, be quickly routed to the organization that can help — without the need for duplicative intake. Referworks helps facilitate these kind of warm referrals by providing a secure and seamless way for organizations using different data standards and technologies to exchange referrals.

Let's say that Organization A is using a case management platform that is capable of sending referrals as structured data and wants to refer potential clients to Organization B (which can only receive referral data by email) and Organization C (which has an API that can ingest referral data). Without Referworks, Organization A would have to set up and maintain different workflows and integrations to send referrals to Organization B and C.

With Referworks, Organization A simply has to send the referral to Referworks, and the interchange will automatically convert that data into an email for Organization B and a post request to Organization C's API. This automated system makes managing referral integrations across multiple organizations and platforms easy to set up and maintain.

When organizations first set up their accounts, they use a graphical tool to indicate how the field names they use to describe referral data correspond to the common standard that Referworks uses. For example, let's say Organization A indicates that its "First Name" field corresponds to the standard field "Referred Person - First Name", Organization B maps its "Client First Name" field to "Referred Person - First Name", and Organization C maps its "First" field to "Referred Person - First Name".

Once those mappings are configured, a referral sent from Organization A would automatically convert Organization A's "First Name" field to the "Client First Name" field for Organization B and to the "First" field for Organization C. If an organization's data schema changes, updating these mappings is as simple as an organization logging into Referworks and using the graphical interface to remap the changed part of its schema to Referworks' common standard.

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